Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Magick of Lugaw

Lugaw or rice porridge is one of the many kinds of food I love.  It's like a soup or chowder (what category does this food really belong????)  I love eating it whenever I don't feel well or whenever my stomach is upset.  Rice is boiled until it is very soft and then it is seasoned with different spices and add-ons.  Add-ons sound too techie eh?  (See the keyboard on the background?)

Anyway, I took this lugaw pic yesterday.  It was what I had for lunch because I wasn't feeling very well.  This lugaw had hard boiled eggs, siomai (dumplings), spring onions and toasted garlic for toppings.  I gave away the siomai to my co-worker when I found out it had shrimps in it.  I am allergic to crustaceans! 

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