Sunday, October 31, 2010


Bloody yummy!

Dinuguan is a dish made out of pork meat and innards, chili, spices, and pig's blood.  For people who get faint upon knowing that blood is part of the recipe, they might faint once again when they taste this concoction.  It's so BLOODY yummy!  Anti-meat and anti-blood eating people might cringe at the thought of eating food made up of a poor slaughtered animal with its blood included an unholy and inhumane act but for those who know that it's all part of survival and foodie-hood it's something that should not be missed!

Dinuguan is best served hot with puto, a kind of rice cake/muffin that is best dipped into the saucy dish.  The dinuguan in this photo was cooked by somebody I know so I am aware that all the ingredients were cleaned well before they were cooked.  For those who instantly want dinuguan and puto here in the Philippines but don't know if they could trust the quality of the ingredients, Goldilocks is one of those places where good food and D&P can be found.  

Halloween could be bloody and yummy at the same time...grab some dinuguan and puto NOW!

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