Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Modern Toilet: Go Ahead, Bowl Over!

Toilet seat covers, urinals, bathroom tiles, toilet bowls...the essence of Modern Toilet!

I dunno if this post might affect the other posts since this is unlike the usual stuff I post here.  Anyway, the photos are filtered so I do hope you wouldn't bowl over and get grossed out!

Modern Toilet is a bizarre chain of themed restaurants which can be found in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  The one I have been to is in Mongkok, HK and since I have already read up and searched about the appearance of the resto, I wasn't too surprised when we were welcomed with toilet seat covers and urinals for wall decor and toilet bowls for seats!  There's always some hype when you have heard of something quite popular and would want to go there out of sheer curiosity.  Modern Toilet is really unusual but for those who get squeamish and have no knack for toilet humor, then this kind of resto is not for you!

We have just arrived in the city and just dropped our things at the hotel, then ran the sidewalks and rode the MTR just to get to Modern Toilet on time. They cancel reservations if you are beyond five minutes late!  When we were seated and given copies of the menu, the language barrier kicked in since we didn't understand a thing.  There were names of the the food in English but we had to ask the local friend Mr W who served as the official travel guide about the food.  It was his first time there too so he had no idea which ones tasted good.  So, like poo, we didn't really know what we were going to get!   

It was a fun place but the food was not totally great!

To get the palates rolling, tomato soup was served; it was quite good and the toasted bread went well with it.  Next on the table (which was a glass top that had a ceramic sink as base) was the entrĂ©e (if you can call it that) and it was composed of dry stuff served in soap dishes.  I can remember the the deep-fried breaded lemon chicken and that meaty stuff shaped in balls tasted good and the dip was sort of sweet and spicy.  We had a few sips of our drinks in small urinals!  I never expected that servings were huge and I had a hard time eating too because I haven't practiced my chopstick skills prior to the trip!  I have also tried the salad but didn't dwell on it.  I felt I was already starting to get full and we haven't had the main course yet!

K and I order the same thing for our "main dish" and we expected it to taste good.  I can't remember what it was exactly (let me check the menu snapshot). I guess it must be Japanese Barbecued Pork in Milky Broth.  Mr W and F ordered Spare Ribs and then we ate.  Actually there was a slight delay because the waitresses didn't seem to get the orders right even if Mr W spoke to them in their language.

I will never have this again! Hahahaha!

After eating the meat and trying to slurp some of the noodles and chew some of the corn kernels, I realized what I was eating wasn't really good.  It may taste good to some but it didn't suit my tastebuds.  Hahaha!  It has milk broth! What was I thinking??? I am lactose intolerant!!!  Anyway, I ate about half of it and decided to stop or I might gag...

Mousse for the sweet tooth!

Dessert was okay.  Some mousse slices that tasted great.  The yellow one at the bottom of the pic had a lemony taste!  We were already full (and slightly irked) so we didn't get to order the famous poo-shaped ice cream. Hahaha! Mr W paid for dinner and gave the waitresses a piece of his mind.  Then we went off into the night and strolled the streets of Kowloon, thinking that Modern Toilet was a fun albeit shitty experience!

The Modern Toilet logo: Female and Male Toilet Symbols...and the so-called Shit Lamp hanging from the ceiling

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