Saturday, August 8, 2009

Exotic Food Chronicles

The Philippines is an exotic country. I don’t care if many of you beg to disagree but I believe it is as exotic as I see it to be. Aside from the exotic people, traditions and customs, and atmosphere, the Philippines has a lot of exotic food that people from various parts of the world never imagined could be considered to be called food at all.

We Filipinos are known to be innovative and practical (and some think we’re gross) especially when it comes to food considering that our country belongs to the third world. Our exotic food may be considered unpalatable by other nationalities but once they get the knack and guts (bwahahaha!) to taste our line of unusual food, they may not want to leave the Philippines anymore and stay here for good. Not every foreign tongue may like our exotic dishes, but for most of us Filipinos who are proud of our heritage and idiosyncrasies, there’s no holding back in exploring the more interesting line of the food chain.

Once in a while I will be posting “exotic” stuff here. Believe me I will not post gross pictures! Hahaha!

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