Thursday, July 30, 2009

It’s Not A Hotdog! It’s Hungarian Sausage!

No, what’s in the photo is not an ordinary hotdog that you can buy from the supermarket and fry in your pan. It’s Vienna KaffeehausHungarian Sausage! As usual I went to my favorite place not for coffee but for their super cold beer but before I gulped down San Miguel Strong Ice I had to eat something first.

I went with Liz to Vienna Kaffeehaus along Velez St. and since they offer a variety of dishes on their menu, we were dazed and confused on what to choose for lunch. Since I wanted something spicy yet not too much on the tummy (and on the pocket hehe!), I ordered one of their popular treats, Hungarian Sausage served with coleslaw and rice. I chose rice over mashed potatoes since I had plans of taking beer with my meal; I wanted something heavier than potatoes.

The sausage was ok, cooked in the way sausages are supposed to be cooked yet its distinctive flavor made it more exciting. It was made spicy with pepper and spices but it was mild and tolerable especially for spicy hot chili lovers like me. I’m not going to say the Hungarian sausage was super amazing but it was just ok. Liz had a cheese sausage served with the same stuff but I can’t really say if she was that amazed with her lunch too.

The highlight of that rendezvous was the beer drinking. I told her nothing beats Vienna’s beer because they serve them super cold and they have super chilled mugs to go with the beer. I guess she agrees with me on the beer part…nothing beats the smooth yet strong taste of Strong Ice with a smokin’ mug…each of us drank a couple of bottles and then we went back to where we were supposed to be at that time. Haha!

Vienna Kaffeehaus serves meals, pastries, desserts, and super yummy cakes but I keep going back for the beer. I think the usual waitress gets pissed every time she sees me walking through their doors. Oh no, it’s that beer girl again! I must admit that for the several times I have been there, I have never ordered anything from their coffee list yet. Next time I promise I’ll try their coffee with their cute cakes and tell you all about it!

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

have you tried Hero hungarian sausage? its so yummy too.

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